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Fact Sheets - Region III

Region 3-specific documents about Risk MAP, Map Modernization, and the
National Flood Insurance Program for Local Officials, Lenders,
Realtors, Builders, and Insurance Agents.

Community Coordination and Outreach
Meeting - General

FEMA Publication Catalog
Going into a Higher Risk Flood Zone
Going into a Lower Risk Flood Zone
Coastal Study Outreach Presentation New
List of Common Acronyms
Risk MAP Products Fact Sheet
R3 LiMWA Fact Sheet
LiMWA Animation Video on YouTube
Flood Insurance Rate Maps vs. Storm Surge Inundation Maps

Open House Meeting

Open House Meeting Kit Zip File Download

Discovery Meeting

Risk MAP Fact Sheet
Risk MAP Discovery Brochure
Community Discovery Data Questionnaire
Local Official's Guide to the Community Rating System
Flood Smart Fact Sheet
Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs Fact Sheet Updated
Hazus-MH Fact Sheet - Estimating Potential Loss from
Mitigation Planning Fact Sheet New
Mitigation's Value to Society Fact Sheet
What You Need to Know about Flood Insurance

Insure Your Risk

NFIP Fact Sheet
Top Ten Facts about the NFIP
Flood Insurance vs. Disaster Assistance
Elevation Certificate
How to Create a FIRMette
Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage - How You
     Can Benefit
Know Your Flood Risk
Preferred Risk Policy Extension Fact Sheet
Summary of Coverage
Things You Should Know About Flood Insurance

Know Your Risk

FEMA's New Regulatory Flood Products NEW!
FEMA 495 Adoption of FIRMs
Expanded Appeals Process
Appeal Policy Criteria 11-30-11
Expanded Appeals Process Fact Sheet
Checklist for Meeting the Criteria for Accrediting Levees
Why We Map Flood Risks
Instructions for Using Map Search
Options to Appeal a Determination

Reduce Your Risk

Code of Federal Regulations - Title 44
Community Rating System
Floodplain Management Requirements
Floodplain Management - Mitigation Directorate
Hazard Mitigation Assistance Brochure
NFIP Application
Ordinance Review Checklist
Flood Protection Resolution
Mitigation Ideas: A Resource for
     Reducing Risk to Natural Hazards
Using Flood Risk Products and Datasets to
     Increase Your Community's Resilience
Flood Risk Reduction Success Stories Fact Sheet NEW!
Mitigation Ideas Fact Sheet NEW!

Model Ordinances

Floodplain Management Ordinance Standard
     Operating Procedures

Region III DE Ordinance Review Checklist
Delaware State Model Ordinance (link to external website)

Maryland Region III Ordinance Review Checklist
Maryland FPM Model Ordinance (August 2011)
Maryland FPM Model Notes (August 2011)
Maryland FPM Model Resources (August 2011)
Maryland FPM Model Ordinance - Nontidal Only (8/2011)
Maryland FPM Model Notes - Nontidal Only (August 2011)
Maryland FPM Model Resources - Nontidal Only (8/2011)
Maryland FPM Model Ordinance - Tidal (August 2011)
Maryland FPM Model Notes - Tidal (August 2011)
Maryland FPM Model Resources - Tidal (August 2011)

Pennsylvania Region III Ordinance Review Checklist
Pennsylvania SUGPROV. (a) (January 2011)
Pennsylvania SUGPROV. (b) (August 2013)
Pennsylvania SUGPROV. (c) (August 2013)
Pennsylvania SUGPROV. (d) (August 2013)

Virginia Region III Ordinance Review Checklist
Virginia State Model Floodplain Management Ordinance (Guidance for Local Floodplain Ordinances in VA) - October 2011

West Virginia Region III Ordinance Review Checklist
West Virginia FPM Model Ordinance

Floodplain Management
Post-Disaster Permitting Requirements

Grants and ICC
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage

Historic Structure Guidance
Historic Preservation and Cultural Resources

NFIP and MAP websites

Post Disaster
Post Disaster Handbook
Post Disaster Webinar PowerPoint - 10/13/2011

Repetitive Loss
Repetitive Loss Properties Strategy

Substantial Damage Improvement
Answers to Questions About Substantially Damaged Buildings
NFIP and Substantial Damage - 10/4/2011
Residential Damage Estimator Tool
Residential Substantial Damage Estimation Guidelines
Substantial Damage Brochure PA
Substantial Damage Determination Form Letter EXAMPLE
Substantial Damage Determinations

Technical Guidance
Homeowners Guide to Retrofitting
How to - Anchor Fuel Tanks
How to - Dry Floodproof
How to - Floodproof HVAC
Private Bridges and Culverts
Prompt Flood Cleanup Can Help Prevent Health Problems
Protecting Building Utilities from Flooding
Protecting Home - R3 Yellow Book
Reduce Flood Repairs
Sewer Backflow Valve
Wet Floodproofing Technical Bulletin

Checklists and Templates
Checklist - New Construction
Checklist - Placement of Fill
Checklist - Post-Flood Replacements
Checklist - Substantial Damage
Sample Certificate of Compliance
Sample Deed Restriction
Sample Development Permit Checklist
Sample Intergovernmental Floodplain Management Form
Sample Non-Conversion Agreement
Sample Notice of Violation

LEVEES - Levee Analysis and Mapping Appraoch (LAMP)

Understanding the Zone D Designation
Dividing Levee Systems into Multiple Reaches
Sound Reach Procedure Fact Sheet
Natural Valley Procedure Fact Sheet
Freeboard Deficient Procedure Fact Sheet
Overtopping Procedure Fact Sheet
Structural Based Inundation Procedure Fact Sheet