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Fact Sheets - Region VI

Region 6-specific documents about Risk MAP, Map Modernization, and the
National Flood Insurance Program for Local Officials, Lenders,
Realtors, Builders, and Insurance Agents.

About Risk MAP

Risk MAP - The Process Path (July 2011)
Risk MAP Discovery (February 2011)
Risk MAP Fact Sheet
Region VI Contact Sheet NEW!
Region VI FM&I Contacts NEW!
Community Engagement Fact Sheet
DFIRM-FIS Fact Sheet
Elevation Data Fact Sheet (Jun. 15, 2010)
Risk Assessment Products Suite

Voice Newsletter

The Voice - Volume 1 - October 2009
The Voice - Volume 2 - March 2010
The Voice - Volume 3 - October 2010
The Voice - Volume 4 - June 2011

Levee Specific Documents

New Levee Analyses and Approaches Fact Sheet (May 16, 2011)
Treatment of Levees in Flood Risk Studies
Provisionally Accredited Levee (PAL) - FAQ
PAL Mapping Scenarios
Levee AR Zone FEMA FAQ
Levee AR Zone Fact Sheet
Zone A99 Fact Sheet
Zone A99 Frequently Asked Questions
Levee Accreditation Checklist
Levee Certification & Accreditation - Common Questions
Levees & Flood Ins - When Risks & Requirements Change
Provisionally Accredited Levee Systems - When PAL Expires
Understanding Levees

State and Association Presentations


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Planning and Grants Documents

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Brief Fact Sheet NEW!
Hazard Mitigation Assistance Overall Fact Sheet NEW!
Mitigation Planning Fact Sheet
Tribal Mitigation Planning
Do you have a Hazard Mitigation Plan? Arkansas
Do you have a Hazard Mitigation Plan? Louisiana
Do you have a Hazard Mitigation Plan? New Mexico
Do you have a Hazard Mitigation Plan? Oklahoma
Do you have a Hazard Mitigation Plan? Texas
Hazard Mitigation Planning Resources -
Planning to Reduce Dam Risk
HAZUS Risk Assessments Support MIT Planning
HAZUS - What Could Happen
What to do in an Earthquake

Watershed Approach Documents

Arkansas HUC8 Map
Louisiana HUC8 Map
New Mexico HUC8 Map
Oklahoma HUC8 Map
Texas HUC8 Map

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