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Fact Sheets

Documents about Risk MAP, Map Modernization, and the
National Flood Insurance Program for Local Officials, Lenders,
Realtors, Builders, and Insurance Agents.

About Risk MAP

Acronyms and Abbreviations
Risk MAP and the NFIP
What is Risk MAP?
Risk MAP Flood Risk Products
Flood Insurance Study Roadmap
Risk MAP Products and Datasets User Guidance
Communicating Flood Risk with Risk MAP Datasets and Products

About the National Flood Insurance (NFIP) Program

Answers to Questions about the NFIP (Pamphlet)
How the NFIP Works (Brochure)
Joining the NFIP (Fact Sheet)
NFIP Description
Myths and Facts about the NFIP (Pamphlet)
NFIP and Levees: An Overview Fact Sheet
Living with Levee Systems: Information for Property Owners (Fact Sheet)
Top 10 Facts Every Consumer Needs to Know About the NFIP (Brochure)
Adoption of Flood Insurance Rate Maps by Participating Communities (Brochure)

Disaster Preparedness

Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Awareness
Addressing Your Community's Flood Problems
Above the Flood: Elevating your Flood Prone House
Avoiding Hurricane Damage: A Checklist for Homeowners
Emergency Preparedness Checklist (Brochure)
Reduce Your Risk from Natural Disasters (Brochure)
Coastal Construction Manual

For Local Officials

Community Engagement
Coordinated Needs Management Strategy (CNMS)
Elevation Data Acquisition
SFHA Letter to Property Owner (MS Word)

About Map Modernization

Flood Map Modernization: A Powerful Tool for Risk Management
Flood Map Modernization Fact Sheet: New Data for Managing Risk
Flood Map Modernization Video
Region-Specific Fact Sheets

Region II
New Jersey
New York
Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands

Region III
Washington, D.C.
West Virginia

Region VI
New Mexico